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The International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy (ISEA) is a single-session meeting taking place about every four years with an attendance between 100 and 150 scientists from all over the world. The first ISEA was held in Peru, in 1962, and the most recent one (ISEA-11) in Taiwan, in 2005. The meeting is a major event in the field of upper atmospheric and ionospheric science and serves as a forum for scientists to report and discuss research results and progress relating to the physics of the mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere at equatorial, low- and mid-latitudes.

During the week-long ISEA-12, there will be scientific sessions dedicated to: Lower and middle atmosphere dynamics, MLT region and thermospheric dynamics, Ionospheric electrodynamics, Atmosphere - ionosphere coupling, E and F region plasma irregularities and instabilities, E- and F-region space weather effects and diagnostics, New trends, techniques and experiments, Important scientific issues and future directions. In addition, there will also be an introductory session with tutorials given by leading experts in the field.

ISEA-12 will take place at the Knossos Royal Hotel, near Heraklion, Crete, Greece, from May 18 to 24, 2008.

The ISEA 12 Organizing committee: Christos Haldoupis, Chair, (University of Crete, Greece), Jorge Chau (Jicamarca Observatory, Peru), Erhan Kudeki (University of Illinois at Urbana, USA), Jonathan Makela (University of Illinois at Urbana, USA), Dora Pancheva (University of Bath, UK), Akinori Saito (Kyoto University, Japan).


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