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ISEA-12 Annales Geophysicae Special Issue

The ISEA-12 Special Issue is published as a separate volume in Annales Geophysicae

List of the 33 papers in the order they appear in the print version [pdf]

ISEA-12 Special Issue preface [pdf]

The ISEA-12 SI is dedicated to the memory of Tor Hagfors (see preface : [pdf])

The pdf of the print version is not published online and, for those interested, the SI Volume can be ordered at or directly from

The papers can be downloaded from the online version which is available in the ANGEO webpage at

ISEA-12 Tutorial Papers published in Annales Geophysicae:

  1. The equatorial E region and its plasma innstabilities: a tutorial, by D. T. Farley [pdf]

  2. Spread F - an old equatorial aeronomy problem finally resolved? a tutorial, by R. F. Woodman [pdf]

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