University of Crete Island of Crete

Electrodynamics of the Thermosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere System

J. D. Huba

Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 

The electrodynamics of the equatorial ionosphere plays a major role in the transport and temporal evolution of the ionospheric plasma. The dominant drivers for the ionosphere electric field are both internal (e.g., neutral winds) and external (e.g., coupling to the solar wind/magnetosphere system). A self-consistent description of this process involves a coupled model of the thermosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere system. We will describe the basic physics of this system and provide examples based on TIMECGM (thermosphere model), SAMI3 (ionosphere model), RCM (inner magnetosphere model), and LFM (outer magnetosphere model). Quiet-time and storm-time behavior will be discussed with an emphasis on storm-time dynamo and penetration field effects. Comparison between model results and data will be presented.

Research supported by ONR and NASA.

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