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Activities for Accompanying Persons

Accompanying persons may wish to take advantage of their time during the long working days of the meeting and participate in organized tours around Crete. For this, please note that there are many travel and touring companies which provide informative pamphlets and detailed offers at the hotel lobby. They organize tourist excursions inside as well as outside Crete, thus such activities can be arranged individually while you are here.

Panhellas Tourism and Congress (PTC) is a company selected by the organizers to provide specific services for ISEA 12 (registration handling, airport-hotel-airport transportation, and full day excursion arrangements). Besides these services, for which the organizers have the responsibility, PTC will be also offering daily tours inside and outside Crete for the accompanying persons during the meeting.

Panhellas Tourism and Congress proposes and organizes : Excursion Program for ISEA 12

If you are interested the PTC person to contact is:

Mrs Manuela Stathoglou Drape
Sales & Marketing Manager
Panhellas Tourism & Congress
Branch Office Crete, Pediados 3, 71306 Heraklion
Tel: 0030 2810 300847
Fax: 0030 2810 300848

Excursion organized by members of the Heraklion Hiking Club

Since some people asked about the possibility of having a hiking excursion, we have arranged the following :

On the Morning of Tuesday 20, 2008 and for 3 to 4 hours (0830 to 1230 LT), members of the Heraklion Hiking Club will guide you to a hiking adventure not far from the conference hotel. You will start from Stalis (a tourist town near the coast situated about 10 km to the east of the Hotel) and walk uphill along a winding old passage, partly paved with stones, to Mochos (an old traditional village, where you may also have lunch at the village square). The hiking path is of medium difficulty and offers a panoramic view of the northern coast of Crete (see pictures below). The participants should have hiking boots or good sport shoes. A small sack to bring water etc is also needed. There will be a charge of 5 euros per participant to be used to cover the Bus transportation costs, from the Hotel to Stalis and back from Mochos to the Hotel (payment will be made on the day). The maximum number of participants is set to 50 people. Those interested can secure their participation on a first-come first-served basis by emailing the member of LOC, Dr. Nikolaos Christakis (please use as subject in your email “ISEA hiking excursion”).


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