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Airport-Hotel Transport

Panhellas Tourism and Congress (PTC) will provide the airport transportation service. All registered participants and registered accompanying persons are entitled to free of charge transportation. This service, however, will be available only for arrivals 3 days at the beginning of the meeting, that is, on 16, 17 and 18, May 2008, and for departures 2 days at the end of the meeting, that is, May 24 and 25, 2008.

Transportation can be also arranged for those who arrive by Boat at the Heraklion port. For this you need to contact PTC well in advance.

For arrivals or departures outside the above dates, the transportation should be arranged at the expense of the participants themselves. In such cases, a participant can make a taxi arrangement through PTC at the rate of 33,00 euros per taxi per one way, that is, Airport-Hotel or Hotel-Airport.

IMPORTANT:To assure your free transportation, please provide your arrival and departure date, flight numbers and arrival times to PTC as soon as possible and NOT later than May 10, 2008.

PTC contact:
Mrs Manuela Stathoglou Drape
Branch Office Crete,
Pediados 3, 71306 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Tel: +30 2810 300847
Fax: +30 2810 300848


The Hotels can be reached from the Heraklion Airport by:
  1. Taxi, at an approximate cost of 30,0 to 35,0 euros (26 km)

  2. Public bus service to Hersonissos. Buses depart every half an hour or an hour at the town center near the port and most of them pass by the airport exit. Ticket price is about 3,0 euros. From Hersonissos you need a taxi to the Hotels at a cost of about 6 euros. For more details on the Bus services see

  3. Renting a small car in Crete is not too expensive (30 to 50 Euros / day, unlimited mileage). You can easily rent a car while you are here, or if you wish please contact PCT for help (see above).

For those who plan to rent a car on the airport and drive to the Hotel, here are a few instructions to assist you get there without much trouble.

You drive 300 to 400 m south across the airport exit to the national road intersection and turn left into it, direction Agios Nikolaos (do not turn right to Heraklion!!). After driving on the national road (partly motorway) for exactly 20 km you exit at the “Port Hersonissos” exit (this is the 2nd exit since you entered at the airport). At the end of the exit you should be able to see in front of you the first signs of the Aldemar Hotels. There you turn left and under the national road bridge you drive towards north direction to the sea. After about 2.5 km you find the old road to Agios Nikolaos. At this point you need to be very careful: You turn right direction Agios Nikolaos BUT as you enter the main road and after about 20 m you signal left and following the Aldemar signs you cross north-eastwards into a side road parallel to (but separated from) the main road. After this “tricky turn” there are 2.5 km drive through a winding road to the conference Hotel (follow the signs to Aldemar Knossos). Your drive should be exactly 26 km from the airport. Good luck!

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