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The organizers hope to be sponsored with limited funds that can be used primarily to partially support those colleagues who otherwise would be unable to attend ISEA 12. Participants who can demonstrate that they need support to attend the conference should apply via e-mail to and . Applications must be received not later than January 15, 2008.

Applications for financial support have to be justified and need to describe what specific contributions the applicant plans to make to the conference (presentations-abstracts). Applicants should state the amount and type of financial support they apply for (e.g., registration, accommodation, travel), keeping in mind that the financial help to be provided by the OC will be only partial and thus not sufficient by itself to cover all conference costs.

Notification to successful applicants will be made as soon as possible, and not later than February 20, 2008. The reimbursements will take place on site and after registration.

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