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ISEA 12 - Science Sessions - Description of Topics

Session S1 and S2 : ISEA Tutorials
Conveners : C. Haldoupis and E. Kudeki

Session S3 : Equatorial lower- and middle-atmosphere studies
Convener : G. Swenson

Session S4 : Equatorial and mid-latitude MLT dynamics
Convener: D. Pancheva,

Poster Session P1 : Posters for S3 and S4
Conveners: G. Swenson and D. Pancheva,

Session S5 : E-region plasma physics
Convener : J.-P. St. Maurice

Session S6 : F-region plasma irregularities: causes and effects
Convener: A. Bhattacharyya

Poster Session P2 : Posters for S5 and S6
Conveners: J.-P. St. Maurice and A. Bhattacharyya

Session S7 : Ionospheric electrodynamics: Theory, and numerical modeling
Convener: C. Fesen

Session S8 : Coupling processes at low- and mid-latitudes
Convener: M. Larsen

Poster Session P3 : Posters for S7 and S8
Conveners: C. Fesen and M. Larsen

Session S9 : New techniques, experiments, campaigns, and results
Convener: D. Hysell

Session S10: Ionospheric storms and space weather effects
Convener: R. Pfaff

Poster Session P4 : Posters for S9 and S10
Conveners: D. Hysell and R. Pfaff

Session S11 : Where are we going? Outstanding questions, future trends and challenges
Convener : M. Kelley and E. Kudeki

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