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ISEA 12 Sessions S1 and S2

S1 / S2: Tutorials

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conveners: C. Haldoupis and E. Kudeki


The tutorials aim in providing comprehensive reviews of our present understanding of phenomena observed in the ionosphere and neutral atmosphere. The emphasis will be both on the physics behind these phenomena and observational techniques used to study them. These talks will avoid mathematical complexity as much as possible. They will use scientifically precise but easily conceivable explanations and physical arguments, as well as illustrative figures and innovative presentation ideas, which will convey a clear message and understanding. Through their clarity and scientific integrity, they are aimed for the colleagues and students of our community who do not specialize on the particular topic but wish to have a general, but clear, picture of the physics involved and our present understanding. It is hoped that the talks will be published in a booklet called ISEA-12 Tutorial Talks which will be distributed to the symposium participants.

ISEA-12 Tutorials A total of six (6), 45-minute talks. The speakers and the topics are:

B. Vincent (Atmospheric waves and dynamics)
D. Farley (Equatorial E-region)
R. Woodman (Equatorial F-region)
M. Kelley (Mid-latitude ionosphere)
R. Heelis (Ionospheric electrodynamics)
U. Inan (Lower- and middle-atmosphere phenomena)

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