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ISEA 12 Session S7

S7: Ionospheric electrodynamics: Theory and numerical modeling

Thursday, May 22, 2008 (morning)

Convener: C. Fesen
Co-conveners: J. Huba and T. Fuller-Rowell


This session focuses on the coupling between the neutral and ionized constituents of the upper atmosphere particularly as manifested in the large-scale electrodynamics during both geomagnetically quiet and disturbed conditions. Presentations are solicited that focus on physical understanding of these processes through numerical simulation studies or assimilative modeling. Major topics of interest are (1) the effects of forcing from the lower atmosphere, including the impact of tidal, planetary, and gravity waves on the day-to-day electrodynamic variability; and (2) the effects of forcing from the magnetosphere through dynamo and penetration electric fields. The session also includes latest developments in understanding the behavior and morphology of the equatorial ionization anomalies, and the consequences of the various sources of the electrodynamics.

  • Global scale electrodynamics, observations, theory and simulation studies
  • Equatorial and low latitude electrodynamics with emphasis on the equatorial anomaly
  • Coupling of neutral dynamics and ionospheric electrodynamics
  • Low latitude magnetic storm time ionospheric electrodynamics
  • Electrodynamics of Thermosphere/ionosphere coupling due to tides
  • Conjugate electrodynamic coupling
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