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ISEA 12 Session S9

S9: New techniques, experiments, campaigns, and results

Friday, May 23, 2008 (morning)

Convener: D. Hysell
Co-Conveners: Jim Clemmons and Marco Milla


We invite talks pertaining to experimental results and findings from recent campaigns, new instruments and facilities, and emerging techniques in equatorial aeronomy. A number of rocket and multi-radar experiments have been performed since the last ISEA, and results are solicited, particularly those combining ground- and space-based observations and addressing coupled E and F region processes. Likewise, a number of new satellites have or will have been launched in time for the meeting, and first results may be presented in this session. Updates on new experiments and capabilities at Jicamarca, the EAR, Arecibo, and other low- and middle-latitude radar facilities are also solicited, as are reports on low- and middle-latitude HF radars. Reports from new and planned airglow instruments and lidars are also being sought. Emerging techniques of interest include radar interferometry and imaging, incoherent scatter analysis, satellite occultation measurements, ionospheric tomography, daytime optical aeronomy, space-based imaging, in situ measurements, and experiments involving chains and clusters of instruments.


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