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There are several regular daily flights from Athens Airport "EL VENIZELOS" to Heraklion operated by AEGEAN and OLYMPIC Airlines. Please also note that AEGEAN operates regular flights between several large cities in Europe (Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, etc) and Athens. The same is also valid with Olympic Airlines. Low priced e-tickets can be obtained from AEGEAN Airlines if you book in advance.

For more information about schedule and prices please visit:

The budget airline EASYJET operates daily flights from London Gatwick to Heraklion.

Please check at :


Charter flights to Crete

There are also direct scheduled charter flights from most European countries to the Heraklion airport. These are usually are more economical than regular flights but may have schedule restrictions. For information on charter flights to Heraklion, please see: or search the internet, e.g., for UK charter flights see :

After arriving to Athens you need to reach port of Pireas (if you arrived at Athens Airport, take bus E96 directly to the port, cost 3.2 euros). There are two boats departing every evening for Heraklion, Crete, at 20:30 and 21:00. The boats are operated by the ANEK LINES and MINOAN LINES companies. The journey takes from 6 to 9 hours and includes 1 overnight on board. On certain days there is a boat departing at 11:00 too, operated by MINOAN LINES (6 hour trip). The price range for an one way trip to Crete is between 35 to 70 EUR / per person depending on the cabin class.

For schedules and prices please visit:



Panhellas Tourism and Congress (PTC) will provide the airport transportation service. All registered participants and registered accompanying persons are entitled to free of charge transportation. This service will be available only for arrivals 3 days at the beginning of the meeting, that is, on 16, 17 and 18, May 2008, and for departures 2 days at the end of the meeting, that is, May 24 and 25, 2008.

IMPORTANT:To assure your free transportation, please provide your arrival and departure date, flight numbers and arrival times to PTC before April 30th, 2008.

For arrivals or departures outside the above dates, the transportation will be arranged at the expense of the participants themselves. In such cases, a participant can make a taxi arrangement through PTC at the rate of 33,00 euros per taxi per one way, that is, Airport-Hotel or Hotel-Airport.

PTC contact:
Mrs Manuela Stathoglou Drape
Branch Office Crete,
Pediados 3, 71306 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Tel: +30 2810 300847
Fax: +30 2810 300848


The Hotels can be reached from the Heraklion Airport by:
  1. Taxi, at an approximate cost of 30,0 to 35,0 euros (23 km)

  2. Public bus service to Hersonissos. Buses depart every half an hour or an hour at the town center near the port and at times by the airport exit. Ticket price is about 3,5 euros. From Hersonissos you need a taxi to the Hotels at a cost of about 6 euros. Note that some of the buses make bus stops directly at the hotels. For more details see KTEL - Bus Public Transport

  3. Renting a car at the airport. Renting a small car in Crete is not expensive, (25 to 50 Euros / day, unlimited mileage). You can easily rent a car while you are here, or if you wish please contact PCT for help (see above).

More links on local (Crete) transportation and information:


For information regarding a visa needed to enter Greece please check the Greek Ministry of External Affairs: visas


Panhellas Tourism and Congress (PTC) is a company selected by the organizers to provide specific services for ISEA 12 (registration handling, airport-hotel-airport transportation, and full day excursion arrangements). Besides these services, for which the organizers have the responsibility, PTC will be also offering daily tours inside and outside Crete for the accompanying persons during the meeting, while they can also arrange car rentals and other travel services, all promised to be done at competitive prices. In addition, they could provide advice, information and help on travel issues for those who wish to make tourism and travel arrangements in Greece (including also possible stopover hotel reservations in Athens) prior to and/or after the meeting. Although it is your responsibility in dealing directly with PTC, the local organizers will be at your disposal in case you have questions and need some help.

The PTC person to contact is:

Mrs Manuela Stathoglou Drape
Sales & Marketing Manager
Panhellas Tourism & Congress
Branch Office Crete, Pediados 3, 71306 Heraklion
Tel: 0030 2810 300847
Fax: 0030 2810 300848

Panhellas Tourism and Congress proposes and organizes : Excursion Program for ISEA 12


This N.Y. Times article was spotted (and sent to us) by Don Farley. We post it here for your information, in case you plan to spent a few more days (before or after the meeting) vacationing in a quiet place. There are more spots like the one described in the article that you may wish to discover.

TRAVEL | November 18, 2007
Explorer | Crete: In Rustic Tavernas, a Classic Cuisine Gets Its Due


For those who may wish to combine their participation in ISEA12 with some travel in Greece and in particular the Greek Islands (prior and/or after the meeting), there are numerous internet sites where you can do your searches.

For non-commercial and authentic advice you may wish to tour Matt Barrett’s travel guides on Greece at . Through this site you can link to several websites which relate to Greece.

Since you come to Crete here is what Matt says:

Here is also another informative site about Crete:


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